Terms and Conditions

New customers

All new Mr Reach customers are requested (but not contracted) to sign-up for a minimum of four cleans (either every 5 weeks or every 8-10 weeks). The reason we ask for this commitment is so that we can remove any build-up of dirt over time, that you get to know your Mr Reach representative, and that you have time to experience our high level of customer service support.

Flawless finish guarantee

Mr Reach uses the market-leading reach and wash system, which applies purified water through a brush to the windows and frames, ensuring your windows and frames are left sparking clean. If there is ever any issue (once the water is dry), we request that a photo is taken immediately and emailed to [email protected], and any issues will be rectified as soon as possible.

Fourth clean for free offer

Every new customer signing up between 1st January 2020 and 30th June 2020 will receive their fourth clean for free. We reserve the right to retract this offer if customers delay any of their first four cleans. This is the same for all customers regardless of how regularly we clean their windows.

Staying safe on your property

Mr Reach takes all responsibility for the safety of our representatives and our customers when on a customers property. We are fully-insured and our representatives undergo intensive safety training to ensure the safety of our staff and customers at all times.

Respecting your property

Our customers’ homes and business premises are important to us, and in the unlikely any damage is caused by a Mr Reach representative, we will always do our best to rectify the situation. Evidence must be provided in the event of any damage.

Protecting your property

Some customers choose to leave access to the back of their house, which may involve a key being left, or a password / combination number for a lock being provided. Mr Reach representatives will always do as requested to leave your property as safe as possible, but will not accept any responsibility for anything that happens before or after our time on the property.

Building work

We request that our customers inform us of any impending building work to be carried out on their property at least 8-10 weeks before their windows are next due. The reason for this is that we can agree to skip a clean, depending on how long the builders are there, or agree to continue, but take into account that we may need to temporarily increase the amount for the next clean due to extra dirt on the windows.
New property extensions

We request that customers provide notice of any home extension work to be carried out so we can re-quote for the new number of windows before the next clean is due.