Our Mr Reach customer service operators can answer your questions right now on 'live chat'. We've also answered the most common payment questions below.

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Making a payment? Here are the details:



How do I know when to pay?

On the day that your windows are cleaned you will receive a notification slip through your door, and a digital notification requesting payment within a week of your latest clean. Any issues, please just let us know.

Choosing the right payment method for you

When you register as a new customer you will be asked how you would like to make payments. If you decide on another payment method after registration, that’s absolutely fine, but we just ask that you notify us via email – info@mrreach.co.uk – thank you.

Who should I make payments to?

All payments, no matter who your operative is, are paid into the central Mr Reach bank account.

Please arrange any digital payments and bank deposits to go to:

‘Your Local Window Cleaner Ltd’

Account number: 61743902

Sort code: 404517

As soon as we have received your payment you will be notified.

Thank you.

Mr Reach

Your payment options

Mr Reach offers a range of payment options to make life easier for everyone.

In the interest of safety of our operatives, we prefer not to accept cash. We accept payments via online transfer (BACS), direct debit (GoCardless) and cheques. We ask that any cash is deposited and paid into the central Mr Reach bank account. We have listed instructions for each payment type below.

PLEASE NOTE! Please ensure all digital payments include your house number (or house name if there’s no number) and postcode as a reference. Without these we cannot credit your account. Cheques also require the full property address written on the back.

*Online transfer or BACS – this is a simple online payment that can be made via online banking, telephone banking or in a branch. Please use the Mr Reach bank details above, and always use your house number (or house name if no number) and postcode as the reference for example ‘11SM43GB’.

*Direct debit via GoCardless – This is a super simple way to set up a regular payment. We will claim the amount due and you will receive a notification that we are due to take payment 24 hours before we do. Please tell us you would like to set up GoCardless when you register with us, and we’ll send you further details. If you have already registered, just get in touch and we can send over the set-up instructions.

*Cheques – Please make cheques payable to ‘Your Local Window Cleaner Ltd’ and send via post to Mr Reach, 2 East Drive, SM4 5PB. Please ensure your full address is written clearly on the back of the cheque.